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As pleasant as cooled down beer on a hot sunny day, and as desirable as a long uninterrupted nap after hours of tedious work, ice bongs were created to offer you more smoking pleasure than regular devices would.

Thomas Herb, ice bongs’ father, draws our attention to the original shapes of his outstanding creations. Each ice bong – he says – was designed to perfectly fit your hand, cool down and mix the smoke, hold room for ice cubes and a lot of icy cold water, as well as to guarantee stability and security of the piece on every surface. Herb is convinced that his invention has already revolutionized the way of smoking bongs all around the world and we clearly see it has!

Herb’s devices are made of high quality thick glass. They are durable, portable and easy to keep clean. Apart from lovely look they offer the users a unique opportunity to enjoy smooth hits of unspoiled and chilly cannabis taste.

Available in various shapes and sizes ice bongs will inspire you for good.


Large Glass Ice Bong

The smoke is cooled down gradually, in few stages. First it travels with airbubbles thru the icy water, then its squeezed thru a thight point between the chambers, and finally it flows thru the giant shaft, where it cools down for good. This glass ice bong is one or the most efficient in its kind.

Size: 36cm

User's comment:
This is my first glass bong and I love it, with a few ice cubes in that top chamber cooling the smoke down, you will take massive hits with very little effort; the first time I smoked out of it I got more stoned than I could remember being in a long while. Of course I have to be careful with it more so than with an acrylic bong, but I have no problem with that, it's my baby now and I'll take good care of it--plus the glass is pretty thick and sturdy anyway.

$ 49.75
€ 38.48


Double Chamber Glass Ice Bong

It's not only a large glass water bong, it's a smoke cooling device. Huge base holds room for a lot of icy water. Straight long shaft features a second chamber, wich additionally mixes the smoke.

Size: 40cm

User's comment:
This is a great quality bong! It has prongs to hold the ice in for a great smooth tasting smoke. Grass City even threw in 10 free screens- 5 brass and 5 steel! Thanks so much grass city. A+++ 5 Stars.

$ 44.75
€ 34.61


Sandblasted Glass Ice Bong

Lovely looking water bong, the shaft is decorated with the shape of a cannabis leaf. The bottom of the base is expanded to a wide stand.

Size: 37.5cm

User's comment:
Great bong, smooth hitter. The bowl piece holds a lot more than it looks like it would. Makes a good party bong. Looks awesome.

$ 57.04
€ 44.12


G-Spot Superball Ice Bong

Extremely beautiful glass bong from G-Spot features: 5mm Tension Free Glass and a print applied with Real Gold. This G-Spot Superball Bong has a bubbled base, but with grooves worked into the glass all around it. There are also clearer set grooves in the shaft as it exits the bubble base.

Size: 50cm

User's comment:
Big.... Very Very Big... Can hold a whole sh_tload of water and Ice. A nice addition to any collection. Huge smooth hits makes this piece a very nice investment, I dont regret it for a second. I don't know if its for beginners but seasoned smokers will love it! Fast reliable shipping to boot! Got mine in a week and a half. A++

$ 118.65
€ 91.77


G-Spot Hanger Ice Bong

G-Spot Hanger Ice Bong features: 5mm Tension Free Glass and a print applied with Real Gold. This water glass bong is a great rival to bongs twice its price, and smokes as well, if not better, than any other similar cylinder bongs on the market. Further enhancing the quality of this 5.0 mm bong are the ice notches, allowing you to fill the chamber with ice to cool your smoke down to optimum smoothness.

Size: 40cm

User's comment:
this bong is really nice, big very big, and he rips so well, nice addicton for all glass colections or for the hard smokers

$ 190.28
€ 147.18


Roor Custom Little Sista Icemaster 3.2 - Pink Logo

The Roor Little Sista Pink Logo 3.2 is a very aesthetically pleasing piece of work. The design of the bong is exquisite and looks fantastic on a tabletop or desk. A very stable and reliable water-pipe, as are all of Roor’s creations, this bong has a beaker bowl, perfect for gathering a sizable amount of smoke.

Size: 35cm

User's comment:
Hands down this is the best piece I've ever smoked from. The ice notches allow me to stack up to seven cubes (allowing a ridiculously cool and effortless hit) and the 18mm set up ensured that the tube went from clear to white in just a few seconds...

$ 163.72
€ 114.40


Roor Little Sista Icemaster 7.0 - 3 Piece

A heavy-duty device - the bong 7.0 Green - the Roor bong with the thickest wall diameter of all the pieces of our collection. 7mm wall thickness means 40% more glass volume compared to the models with 5mm, a fact that results in an unmatched grade of stability.

Size: 35cm

User's comment:
I bought one of these a few months ago now and am still yet to be disappointed with how it smokes. The extra height allows you to pack more ice in to the narrower tube to keep the smoke cool. The weight of the bong even before you add water/ice is enough to ease the minds of the even the clumsiest smokers, this thing is built to last.

$ 397.72
€ 277.90


Roor Custom Little Sista Icemaster 5.0 - Big Brother

A 10cm extension proved very popular on the 3.2mm Little Sista, known under the custom nickname of the ‘Big Sista’. Now we have the 5mm version swaggering into town and there’s nothing little or sisterly about this ‘Big Brother’ bad boy. The large beaker bottom of a Little Sista provides the bong with a generous water volume and make it very safe and secure while standing. The ice notches bump it up to Icemaster class and help this quality water pipe provide an incredibly cool, smooth hit.

Size: 45cm

User's comment:
I just got it and it's a little bigger than I expected, but it works great. Great Bong for a great price. Make sure to pick one up.

$ 354.10
€ 247.42


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