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Tradition of sharing the cannabis joy with friends had come to pass years before modern one-smoker devices were invented and widely commercialized. Here the most respectable custom regains its popularity and due place in smokers society.

Don’t stand by. Follow the oldest world tradition and appreciate this exceptional taste of cannabis together with your friends. Thanks to our glass water pipes even four people can enjoy the smooth and pleasantly cooled down hits simultaneously. Perfect item for party animals and company lovers. We also offer single glass water pipes for smokers on move. Small enough to fit any bag our pipes are the most frequently chosen ones to hit the road and taste them under different patch of the sky every single night.

Don’t waste the opportunity to become a respectable member of the smokers community. Buy glass water pipe and invite your friends to experience unspoiled cannabis taste with you. Remember, happiness is bigger when it is shared.


Glass Waterpipe

Smart water pipe makes it a very convenient choice for cannabis smokers. Although the overal size is little above 13cm, the bowl can hold a lot of herb since its diameter is about 2cm.

Size: 13cm

User's comment:
Awesome waterpipe, but very fragile. Smoked salvia in this and was hammered. Hits hard, cleans easily, but also breaks very easy. (Broke from dropping it after second use) I recommend it, but be very careful with it.

$ 12.12
€ 9.37


Small Glass Water Pipe

This glass water pipe model is decorated with cool marijuana leaf design which looks kind of ascetic and minimalistic.

Size: 9.5cm

User's comment:
Small,easy to hide, pretty nice waterpipe. Cleaning it is easy. just take a cue tip with some rubbing alcohol and presto! clean and ready to go again. the only down fall is the rubber rings that seal the openings. This problem is easy to take care of if you keep the rubber coated with a lube so that your pipes dont get stuck. 4-star rating in my book:)

$ 12.69
€ 11.60


Glass Pipe Conical Round

The perfect choice for party smokers. This glass piece's features are designed especially for more than one person use: large base, a bowl deep enough to hold twice as much herb and of course two hoses to hit it simultaneously with your friend.

Size: 33.5cm

User's comment:
This thing is amazing! My friend broke my other glass bong, so he paid for me to get a new one and I got this one - we were both able to get dominated off a small pack and the fact we can smoke at the same time is a plus. This thing is really nice - if you want a hit by yourself, just cover up one hose or take the hose off and cover the end, works great!

$ 47.82
€ 36.99


Korean Glass Pipe - Noble

This amazing 4 hose glass water pipe is any smoker's dream. Along with the fun of four person smoking, this waterpipe also features a glass stem with pullout bowl. The glass stem allows you to enjoy the purest smoking experience possible by not adulterating the taste with metal or plastic and the pullout bowl allows you to clear the smoke from the waterpipe and ensure that none is wasted.

Size: 30cm

User's comment:
Holy Crap this has to be one of the best i have ever owned, i have had it for over 2 years and it has never let me nor anyone else down! lots and lots and lots of green has been smoked in this bad boy and it has put toooooooo many people on their ass. the bowl is big and the inside chamber is pretty damn big too, like my man said you need iron lungs to clear this monster.

$ 71.12
€ 55.01


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