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Unlimited variety of colours, shapes and sizes brings to mind joyful times of a childhood spent in funfair park with clowns, candy floss and false mirrors or... our exceptional offer of crazy bongs which will easily amuse even the gloomiest Gus at the party!

Have a look at our crazy collection and choose a perfect piece to smoke with a group of selected friends who will truly appreciate the originality of your brand new bong, or… find a stuff crazy enough to be the best birthday gift for your bro! Made of various materials our smiled, pistol, dragon or mushroom-shaped bongs make the smoking far more joyful and pleasurable than any ordinary piece can do. Give up your old used pipe and astonish your company with something they don’t even dream of! The craziest collection of water bongs is at your hand, don’t waste the opportunity, it may not happen again!


Ceramic Dragon Bong

These superbly crafted poly resin incense burners make the ideal gift. Mystical Smoking Dragons are reactive under Ultra-Violet light! Each one is beautifully hand finished with the greatest attention to detail. The incense stick is fitted inside the removable nose of the Mystical Smoking Dragon and smoke rises out of his nostrils. This product is safely packaged and boxed with polystyrene.

Size: 30cm

User's comment:
Ok- I love this piece, I have been looking for something like it since 'Pulp Fiction'. However, it is more of a decorative piece than an everyday use piece. Shipping was fast to the US, and it got thu the "man", so I am really, really, HAPPY!

$ 51.51
€ 39.84


Magic Mushroom Small Ceramic Bong

Cool piece for a stealth smoker. When assembled, it becomes a kind of a trippy gadget that can be put on the shelf, next to the books.

Size: 15cm

User's comment:
This piece is just amazing! I purchased it about three months ago, and have used it too many times to count. It's quite an original design and will have all your buddiess talking about it.

$ 43.63
€ 33.75


Smiley Face Ceramic Water Bong

Round, bright, orange, smiling.. This piece seems to infect people with a smile :) Make everyday a happy one!

Size: 15cm

User's comment:
Good product, good price, can't wait to light it up! Only con about the whole deal is that it took 18 days to ship, but it was worth the wait!!!

$ 20.00
€ 15.47


Moon Goddess Ceramic Bong

This moon bong is complete with the remote detail. Very smart and inventive shape represents a naked goddess lying on the moon, or even merging with it as if they were the unity. Incredible, durable build, colors and form let this bong tempt and incite. The mouthpiece placed at the top will give you a good quality smoke. The chillum genuinely placed on the goddess’s bum.

Size: 15cm

User's comment:
Learn: marijuana has been used in one form or another across many different cultures as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years.

$ 19.21
€ 14.86


R2D2 Ceramic Bong

And now something for those of you who want to join the green side of fhe Force. Equipped with rubber hose, this bong gives some deep space hits. The bowl is situated on the top of the robot's head.

Size: 15cm

User's comment:

$ 30.00
€ 19.50


Alladin Water Bong

Beautifully crafted arabian water bong. Metal surface of the pipe is covered with detailed ornaments while the lip is attached by a thick hose.

Size: 18cm

User's comment:

$ 17.15
€ 12.00


Pistol Ceramic Bong

A gun that you can smoke from? Say what? But yes! And here you are: almost natural scale ceramic pistol bong with great details and stable support. Get hit with it!

Size: 21cm

User's comment:
I love this bong it is so fits in your hand perfectly. And just in case anyone is wondering it is 21 cm.

$ 22.00
€ 17.02


Molino Mad Scientist V2 Pyrex Glass Bong

The Molino "Mad Scientist" features two water chambers to cool and filter the smoke. It passes through the water in the bottom chamber, then up into the central chamber where it goes through a percolator which increases the overall surface-area to volume-ratio of the smoke. Molino Glass have created some of the most practical and beautiful masterpieces of high quality Pyrex glass, and this "Mad Scientist" has raised the bar once again.

Size: 32cm

User's comment:
Molino custom diffuser, inverted percolator, and amazing enginuity are all factors in the pure awesomeness of this bong. One of the best tokes imagniable, and you just cant beat the price. This piece is wicked sick when loaded up with a pure sativa like Blueberry or Afghani, but really any herb goes well with this baby, just not shwag or mid. PEACE 420!!!!!

$ 95.00
€ 73.48


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