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Glass bongs are traditionally considered as the most expensive ones in the market. Frequently produced form high quality glass they are distinguished by elegant look, long-lasting durability and above all the taste. No other material but thick glass can provide smokers with such unpolluted cannabis taste. Surely, these features are worth every money, but there is no need to overpay.

Now the same high quality is available in inexpensive pieces of a bit less impressive sizes. Due to their portable dimensions our bongs are frequently chosen by smokers who are about to hit the road and wish to keep their precious items close, as well as solo users how have very few opportunities to enjoy cannabis with a bigger group of friends.

Weed efficient, easy to use and storage cheap glass bongs offer far more than those of ordinary sizes ever would. No wonder they are often chosen by recognizing the true quality experienced users, as well as beginners who are just about to start their joyful journey.


Small Glass Bong

Adorable little bong with printed cannabis leaf design. Large bowl is made of thick glass as well as the body of the bong.

Size: 12.5cm

User's comment:
My Favorite mini bong EVER. i havent smoked out of it yet but its looks awesome as hell. it came with 10 pipe screens too! i was surprised cause i forgot to buy them!

$ 12.69
€ 9.82


Molino Mini Glass Bong

Molino has done it again. Apart from being made from durable glass it's also the smallest glass bong on the market! Portable as never before, now you can take your bong everywhere u like.

Size: 11cm

User's comment:
Smallest. bong. ever. I say that in a positive tone, though! This bong rules. Portable, decent sized bowl. Good stuff. Thanks!

$ 15.38
€ 11.90

Curved shaft glass bong


Glass Bong

This glass bong's shaft curves the further up it goes until it is at a 45 degrees - the perfect angle for a perfect hit.

Size: 17cm

User's comment:
I love this bong, its portable, potent, and it gives great smooth hits.

$ 19.75
€ 15.28

Simple glass bong


Glass Bong Double Chillum

This little glass bong is made out of plain transparent glass. It's power is the simple ergonomic design and unique base to shaft proportions.

Size: 18cm

User's comment:
This is a great little bong for the price. Easy to clean, easy to transport, lightweight and works like a charm. It hits well and it very easy to use. This is my first bong, and I'm very happy with the results. I'd recommend this bong to anyone.

$ 35.50
€ 27.46


Molino mini bong - Raindrop

Nice cobalt glass dots. Another great mini bong from Molino Glass!

Size: 25cm

User's comment:
Molino is artful quality!!! You get alot of bang for your bucks with this little lady.Class is glass.Gotta have good lungs for this baby.All my friends want one.Thanks from U.S.A..

$ 15.38
€ 10.00


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