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Yesterday my fortune cookie told me: “Spend less on the piece and have more for the real stuff.” Today I`m visiting and I know it was right!

Just look at those bongs! Small enough to carry them around, handy and portable as none before and, above all, durable enough to enjoy smoking them for a long time. Who wouldn’t like to have such a piece at home?! Perfect for users who are about to hit the road and wish to keep their bongs close, as well as for those who have just a little time to enjoy the smoke or prefer savouring it all alone.

It is hard to believe that such high quality is now available at so low price, but it’s true! Each item from this unique collection of cheap bongs is made of surprisingly durable materials that not only last for long, but also provide the users with pleasantly chilled hits of an unspoiled taste.

Trust your fortune, it costs so little and offers so much!


Clear Acrylic Bong

A miniature of large pipe-like bong - cool thing! Durable, portable and inexpensive, the perfect choice for a smoker on the move.

Size: 15cm

User's comment:
Good product, compact, water doesn't spill easy. The carb is not that great but that is because this bong is short. 6/10 size hits, judged by my experience anyway.

$ 11.25
€ 8.70


Molino mini bong - The Tube

Molino has done it again. Apart from being made from durable glass it's also the smallest glass bong on the market! Portable as never before, now you can take your bong everywhere u like.

Size: 11cm

User's comment:
Smallest. bong. ever. I say that in a positive tone, though! This bong rules. Portable, decent sized bowl. Good stuff. Thanks!

$ 15.38
€ 11.90


Small Glass Bong

Adorable little bong with printed cannabis leaf design. Large bowl is made of thick glass as well as the body of the bong.

Size: 12.5cm

User's comment:
My Favorite mini bong EVER. i havent smoked out of it yet but its looks awesome as hell. it came with 10 pipe screens too! i was surprised cause i forgot to buy them!

$ 12.69
€ 11.60


Ceramic Water Bong

This ceramic cannabis smoking pipe is directed to those classy types. The shining red color body with metal, silver chillum introduces a stylish composition. The ornamental features are also attached to its high quality material which finds out to be ideal also for other types of smokers. Classy and sturdy built at the same time? Wanna try a classy hit?

Size: 13cm

User's comment:
This little thing is the shit!!!...its a maga hitter + it comes with a bunch of screens...def worth the money.

$ 10.67
€ 8.25


Black Bamboo Leaf Bong

The Black Bamboo Green Leaf Bong is made from a single bamboo cane and makes a fantastic ornamental piece, while also providing a great smoke. Painted black for a very different look to other similar bamboo designs, this bong also features a painted green cannabis leaf on the front of the bamboo cane. Strong and sturdy, the Bamboo Green Leaf Bong is mounted on a circular wooden disk, and has a metal pipe and bowl to avoid the rough taste that some wooden bowls can give a bong when burned continuously over time. Decorated with thin metal bands around the base of the bamboo cane, this bong really does look as good as it smokes.

Size: 35cm

User's comment:

$ 20.18
€ 15.61


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