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Again the Internet was said to be the most frequently chosen place to shop for bongs and the accessories! Recent survey has showed that smokers all around the world chose it eagerly for the vast variety of choice it provided and reasonable prices it offered.

Small local shops, as opposite to the online stores, hardly ever meet your expectations in terms of high quality materials and convenient shape, as well as preferable size and colour of the bong you desire to own. Browsing through their range of goods is a waste of both time and energy. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it any more! Find your bong in the best stored online shop and enjoy the piece which will satisfy all your needs.

Our online shop offers bongs made of high quality materials, usage of which makes the pieces durable and portable as never before. Moreover, materials of such quality guarantee the purest unaffected taste of each single hit. Is there anything more to desire?


Cool Liquid Glass Water Bong

This water bong is made of thick quality glass and features a special cooling system situated in lower part of the shaft. The bubble-looking smoke cooling area is made of colored glass while the base is held by a stable plastic support. Comes in various colors.

Size: 36cm

User's comment:
I reccomend filling the water up just past the second finger indent, it just makes for a great hit. My favorite bong so far, and for the price its just amazing.

$ 32.02
€ 24.77


Ceramic Bong With Gold Ornaments

Classic shape with stable base and straight vertical shaft. This piece is painted black and decorated with very detailed gold floral ornaments. Looks very elegant, like an old, family vase.

Size: 17cm

User's comment:
We have had this pipe for a while now and every time we have smoked its just right its the perfect peice which we have named tony.

$ 22.42
€ 17.34


Two Colored Large Acrylic Bong

This carbed bong is very tall, giving the smoke plenty of time and space to cool down on its way to your lungs. With such a large capacity for smoke, this bong is certainly not for the faint-hearted or lily-livered. Or should that be lily-lunged!

Size: 53.5cm

User's comment:
This the greatest. Everybody that comes over wants to hit out of it. You feel the whole up with smoke and then clear and you are gone of one hit. Just make sure to take the black standard carb out or you'll never be able to clear it.

$ 19.14
€ 14.81


Handgrip Ceramic Bong

This smartly designed smoking device features a special kind base shaped into a trusty handgrip. This way problems with holding the bong the safest way are gone.

Size: 18cm

User's comment:
Just got this beauty in today! Haven't smoked out of it yet, but its quality is very good. Looks a tiny bit different than the picture (the mouthpiece is molded a little different) and the carb hole is on the back for your thumb, not like a trigger for your pointer. We got black, though we were crossing our fingers for blue. Very wide base looks hard to tip over. Solidly built, decent bowl and stem.

$ 19.04
€ 14.73


Shiny Metal Bong

This shiny metal bong is a masterpiece! Silver or golden? It will give you a truly courageous feeling. Made to elicit admiration by its perfect, sturdy shape. The steady base holds a long chamber which guides the smoke straight into your lungs.

Size: 20cm

User's comment:
My friend got this pipe a while ago it was the begining of her colection and was maby the 3rd pipe we smoked out of it was the best high we had had it lasted a long time and was smooth.

$ 49.30
€ 34.50


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