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Let us tell you something about our own kind… People prefer living in big houses to occupying small ones. They frequently choose big cars instead of driving smaller vehicles and always buy the biggest packets of chips in the shop, and yet they dare to claim that the size doesn’t make any difference. On the contrary, it does make a huge difference!

Just have a look at our exceptional collection of large and extra-large bongs and see for yourself that the size matters! A big bong can be easily enjoyed with a bigger group of friends. It offers pleasurably cool hits for a longer time than ordinary piece does and makes huge impression at every party!

Designed and created in response to an insatiable desire for long-lasting pleasure big bongs offer not only the size, which indeed is impressing, but also the quality, which make them exceptionally durable and by it portable, as well as easy to keep clean.

Bigger size for greater experiences! Enjoy it today!


Large Fluorescent Acrylic Bong

This huge acrylic bong comes in 4 different fluorescent colors to light up your night in blacklight: blue, pink, velvet and transparent. It's the most practical bong among all, easy to use and long-lasting devices for the casual bong-user. This carbed bong is a fluorescent version of the long time bestseller - Two Colored Large Acrylic Bong.

Size: 53.5cm

User's comment:
This bong is amazing for the price. The chamber is super easy to clear, and the colors are super awesome.I would recommend this bong to anyone who wants a great sturdy bong on a budget.

$ 22.88
€ 17.70


Two Colored Large Acrylic Bong

This carbed bong is very tall, giving the smoke plenty of time and space to cool down on its way to your lungs. With such a large capacity for smoke, this bong is certainly not for the faint-hearted or lily-livered. Or should that be lily-lunged!

Size: 53.5cm

User's comment:
This the greatest. Everybody that comes over wants to hit out of it. You feel the whole up with smoke and then clear and you are gone of one hit. Just make sure to take the black standard carb out or you'll never be able to clear it.

$ 19.14
€ 14.81


Triple Color Acrylic Bong

The Bubble Grip Bong maximises its water volume capacity with the wide bubble base, while also featuring raised grips on the shaft above the base for your fingers when you hold the bong. A simple but highly effective bong design.

Size: 37cm

User's comment:
WOW - this is about as great as an acrylic bong can get... so BIG, don't let the pic decieve u. This bong is the same as the other 37cm acrylic bongs, just the 5mm thickness is just alittle bit of "insurance".Me n my friends just used this for the 1st time last night and it fucked us up-2 thumbs.

$ 17.25
€ 13.34


Magic Glass Bong 500

High quality large size bong from Magic Glass. Huge bowl and 5.4cm wide and 18.8cm long shaft give great hit control and smooth smoke-flow. Thick, 3.5mm glass stands most mechanical damage includnig 50cm falls and trips.

Size: 47cm

User's comment:
I got this 2 days ago. I really love this bong. It hits like a champ. Such a nice cool smoke. I will probably have a milk shot video up on youtube in the next few days.

$ 97.82
€ 75.66


Magic Glass Fatman I

High quality material water bong from Magic Glass. All the way from the base, thru wide and long shaft, the smoke cools down providing the smoker with a nice and smooth hit.

Size: 45cm

User's comment:
Most outstanding bong. hits good and fat. buy lots of screens with this one.

$ 122.86
€ 95.03


Double Chamber Glass Ice Bong

It's not only a large glass water bong, it's a smoke cooling device. Huge base holds room for a lot of icy water. Straight long shaft features a second chamber, wich additionally mixes the smoke.

Size: 40cm

User's comment:
This is a great quality bong! It has prongs to hold the ice in for a great smooth tasting smoke. Grass City even threw in 10 free screens- 5 brass and 5 steel! Thanks so much grass city. A+++ 5 Stars.

$ 45.31
€ 35.05


Large Orange Bamboo Bong

This straight and bamboo made piece gives you a pure taste and a great smoke, while making a fantastic ornamental quality at the same time. The whole body is supported by the same fibre base. The main shaft is made of a natural bamboo cane, angled at the top as to conform to your smoking habits.

Size: 53cm

User's comment:
Man!! Its the Bomb, It's not descreate, but man we love it! Ordered another of bamboo, try them, you'll get hooked!

$ 19.08
€ 13.35


Bamboo Coconut Bong

This heavy bamboo bong features a coconut shell base and a huge bamboo cane shaft. The two parts are merged with a twine, which stands for a stylish ornamental characteristic.

Size: 36cm

User's comment:
This bong is so so nice. I just packed a nice large bowl of the good green and toked it out of this bong, nicer smoke than most of the tools I've ever smoked out of. I like the taste of this bong, adds a little something to the flavor. Highly recomended. Thats about all I gotta say and now to go pack another bowl.

$ 75.02
€ 52.50


Roor Bong Dealers Cup - 5mm

The Dealers Cup 5.0 White with a wall thickness of 5mm and a tube diameter of 50mm was declared the absolute favourite by Roor dealers. The large body of this pipe satisfies the demand for more volume, which guarantees the well-loved lower pressure. Stability, functionality, aesthetics; these are the main criteria for a good water-pipe. High quality raw material, professional processing and, naturally, the thickness of the pipe wall together with the pipe diameter are the prerequisites for stability.

Size: 55cm

User's comment:
I've had this RooR for about a year now and let me tell you, it's the best bong I've ever hit. I have almost every bowl RooR sells and let me tell you, you WANT AND NEED THIS bong. Everyone that uses it compliments me on it. I'd reccomend you get the 18.8 setup becuase you can get a larger faster pull, I have the 14.4 and while I love it, I wish I decided to upgrade in the beginning, however with a 14.4 you can find many bowls around the country as it's a pretty standard size adn that influenced my decision

$ 461.68
€ 322.59


Arabic Water Bong

This bong is one of the biggest pipes around, it's perfect for parties. Large base can be filled with water and ice providing cold smoke and hits.

Size: 75cm

User's comment:

$ 214.13
€ 149.85


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