Pot users share a bong and high times online

Bong Rip

Bong Rip is a quite interesting character with a story that needs to be told. Even before the interview began he inhaled a solid amount of THC.

Bong Rip is the main face and host of the “BongTV“, an online show with Bong Rip and his guests rapping and having good times with a lot of pot – more than I thought possible for one man. He finished four joints in no time during his online video broadcast and clearly demonstrated why is he called Bong Rip. And like this was not enough he took a deep inhale from his glass pipe every few minutes, just to keep the edge.

Quite surprisingly, he kept his consciousness and talked with me like nothing strange is going on. This is what he does every day live on a video broadcast showing on 4:20 p.m to 4:20 p.m.

Or as Mr. Bong said to me: “It is a virtual party on your computer. I had more than hundred people watching while I took them with me in my limo. And they don't make any mess. They also don't make any mess and whats really important they don't use my weed! ”

His online show “Bong TV” has a attracted a small but dedicated group of admirers. Bong Rip likes to call them the Stoner Army. His shows can be seen on video chat services like stickam.com and userplane.com . Since it is live, his viewers can participate, chat and joke with Bong during the show. This joke can sometimes be somewhat less acceptable, so this s definitely not a show for those that are easily disturbed.

Most loyal fans are given ranks by General Bong for their faithful following, learning on pot legalization and promoting his show on Internet. You can be promoted from a private to a captain, senator, governor or even a major if you are really a true devoted fan ofpot and of him.

When Mr. Bong feels that it is time to take some pot he calls “420 into the chat room if you smoke!” In few seconds many viewers are fast chiming in. They type “420” and many of them really mean it. You can see anywhere from 10 to 20 of them who are visible on their webcams reaching their pipes and joining the party.

The pot community was once invisible, well hidden bellow the radar of the mainstream. But now things are quite different. Web 2.0 with its online networking, rich with video capabilities, helped the pot users community to “grow out of the closet” and become a visible subculture. They have decided not to loose the opportunity to get connected in a web 2.0 way and started forming waste social networks which would be otherwise impossible to create without the Internet. Safety and distance which Internet provides is a key factor that enables them to do so.

“Those people are really searching for a way to express how much they love pot, or love to grow it and simply have it around,” says Dave Warden a host of another pot users community “The Weed Report”. The Weed Report is a Internet video magazine showing Warden visiting around Los Angeles, going to galleries and even his own home and reviewing strangely named cannabis varieties. The show is funny and entertaining as Warden is performing some funny sketches. He was once The Gadget Guy on the DIY Network “Lawn Care Workshop” and has some Hollywood directing and producing background.

“The Weed Report” draws a lot of attention online and easily reaches thousands of visitors on YouTube and other video sharing websites and it even has its bong making company sponsor. The success of the show induced Warden the idea to create a pot users video social network. Visitors from around the world have uploaded 120 pot videos of various quality. Most of the videos are just people getting stoned.

Most videos from The Weed Report website come from Canada, a country where legally things are not so harsh toward pot users. “If there will ever be a pot users video war,the Canadians will be the winners!” Warden said. Warden linked us to some other pot shows like the “Chronic604” (showing people getting high in various places), Pot TV (which is the number one online pot users network) and “Baked in BC” (girls smoking pot).

Pot TV is a large website with a lot of videos, shows, cannabis documentaries and parts of videos from TV shows on cannabis legalization and cannabis politics. The website is owned and run by Greg Williams also known as the “Marijuana Man” and produced by Mark Emery, which is the publisher of “Canada's Cannabis Culture” magazine and around the world known pot celebrity. Williams, Emery and their colleague Michelle Rainey have been arrested on drug trafficking charges in 2005. The case is famous in the pot users world as they were arrested in Canada for supposedly breaking U.S. Law. They are still waiting their extradition hearings for this case.

“The Grow Show” host Greg Williams says that the Internet is a great medium for the pot subculture.

“The revolution may not be on your TV, but its alive and growing on Youtube”.

“People who do this choose so because they know that they are not hurting themselves nor anyone who will eventually follow them. When you have a law that needs such enforcement and which people are so openly breaching, indicates that we the people don't want such law. “

Someone might wonder is it illegal to post pot smoking videos online, no matter do you have a California medical prescription for cannabis which Warden and Bong claim they have.

DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and Los Angeles Police Force have agreed that such things are not of great interest to them. Since it has nothing to do with dealing or possessing of significant amounts of cannabis, they are not inclined to take action against it.

This means that at least for now, this pot stars are safe which is good news for Mr. Bong Rip as he is more interested in broadcasting his show to the Stoner Army than in getting stoned.

At the end of the interview Bong asked me my name.


“You are now a promoted to major in the Bong Rips worldwide Stoner Army”

Thanks a lot Bong Rip...


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