Bongs vs joints vs vaporizers

The debate about the best delivery method for marijuana is a heated one. Much of this has to do with personal preference. Someone who loves their bong is going to argue doing bong rips is best. A great joint roller will say their joints are best. While the pothead operating a weed vaporizer is going to argue their gadget is best.

Who is right? Well that depends on your judging criteria.

Conservation. Those who want to conserve their cannabis stash should immediately stop smoking joints. A jay is by far the worst method of conserving your cannabis. The cherry on your joint is burning cannabis at a rate in excess of 700F. Next time you roll a joint watch how much smoke is wasted as it wafts off the end.

Many people when hitting a bong blast the whole bowl to create a cherry. This too wastes plenty of weed. To improve your bong hit use wooden matches. Do not light up the whole bowl to create a cherry. Instead light up the edge of the bowl. Work your way around the bowl clockwise or counterclockwise.

Setting a marijuana vaporizer on the proper temperature is the best method to conserve cannabis. A weed vaporizer uses dramatically less cannabis. Cannabis boils between 380F - 420F. Half the temperature of a joint(!). Thus putting half a joint's worth of weed into a vaporizer will obtain the same marijuana high. The amazing extraction of a vaporizer conserves cannabis incredibly. Marijuana vaporizers are ideal for medicinal marijuana users.

However many people who have used weed vaporizers complain that the marijuana taste just isn't the same as in their joint. A weed vaporizer doesn't provide a heavy juicy hashy flavor that a joint does. People have become accustomed to a rich hardy flavor when they smoke from joints. They love the sticky resinous feel. Joint smokers will sacrifice cannabis conservation in favor of flavor.

An enthusiastic joint smoker will have a large collection of different types of rolling papers. Rolling papers make a big difference in the bongs vs joints vs vaporizer debate. Some papers are terrible. Hemp papers are preferable because of their all natural fibers. Great rolling papers provide a much better marijuana experience.

Bong lovers prefer their pot in bongs because of the cool sensation of the toke and the craftsmanship that goes into their glass. Plenty of potheads have a collection of bongs in their home. Many bongs are more expensive than mid-priced vaporizers. Rolling papers, of course, are the cheapest method of getting a marijuana high on. However, dirty grungy bongs will create a terrible toker experience. No crusty bongs! A fresh filled water bong with numerous ice cubes jammed in the neck will provide an incredibly powerful hit. Additionally a bong should have an ash catcher.

There clearly shouldn't be any debate into what is best, bongs, joints or vaporizers. Every method is awesome! Having access to all methods by owning numerous bongs, a good vaporizer and purchasing numerous different sized hemp rolling papers is the best way to enjoy cannabis. Of course continue debate into the area complete with much research involving joints, bongs and vaporizers is needed.


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