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"It appears that water filtration can be effective in removing components from cannabis smoke that are known toxicants."
by Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

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Top Three Best Selling Bongs

Glass holland bong Glass holland bong

Slim, elegant device, the most traditional Dutch everyday bong appreciated for its shape, color and simplicity of use. Ascetic bong style gains in smoker's eyes with long term use of the device.

Size: 38cm

User's comment:
This bong was big and beautiful, mine actually was green, which is great, anyway, it smokes real nice, big hits cooled by icey cold water. dont fill it up past the rubber grommet though, it will leak, but anything under is fine.

$ 36.84
€ 14.73

Glass holland bong
Fluorescent Sky-Blue Acrylic Bong

This plastic bong piece is made of clear blue fluorscent acryl, wich gives this piece a stunning look. Medium sized base and straight, wide shaft mixe the smoke and air instantly and produce very smooth hits.

Size: 30cm

User's comment:
Just got mine few days ago, not the exact color as on the photo, but still a cool sky-blue piece - looks great with other bongs on my shelf. Hitting this bong is kinda like a joint toke - smooth.

$ 15.88
€ 12.29

Smiley Face Ceramic Bong

Round, bright, orange, smiling.. This piece seems to infect people with a smile :) Make everyday a happy one!

Size: 15cm

User's comment:
Good product, good price, can't wait to light it up! Only con about the whole deal is that it took 18 days to ship, but it was worth the wait!!!

$ 20.00
€ 15.47


After the long months of waiting, you finally have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You just harvested pounds of the finest herb for miles around, and now it's time for you to handpick the cream of the crop, call over a few of your closest friends, and toke the night away. But before you light up, you have a choice to make. You have Billy Bong Thornton, Kim Bong Il, your spoon from high school, one of your friends is bringing his bubbler, or maybe you just want to enjoy a nice joint on the back porch. There are many ways to enjoy the effects of marijuana, and every method has its charm, its pros, and its cons. Now making this choice is by no means an easy decision and it depends entirely upon what you want out of your crop and the evening.

The best way to get high is always up for discussion, but everyone will agree that if you have the weed to supply the beast, ripping a bong will get you good and toasty. Generally, quality ones are made from glass, but acrylic bongs, while less classy, definitely work just as well and can be made into unbelievable contraptions (there are bongs made from almost anything, but most common are glass, acrylic, ceramic and bamboo). The only thing with acrylic is the smell – they will always smell like bong water because there is no good way to clean acrylic without damaging it. It absorbs the smell and there is little you can do about it, but it is far from overbearing. A good bong should pull smoothly, not requiring a lot of force to pull through.

But your friend wants to smoke from his piece, his bubbler, and that is not a bad idea at all. A good bubbler can easily hold its own against the best of bongs, with each toke being unbelievably smooth (people have hit these things, thought they were kicked, and exhaled clouding the entire room). These beautiful pieces of art can run from a few dollars to several hundred, with multiple bubbling chambers, and are a guaranteed hit (no pun intended) with whomever cherries it next. They can burn through a lot of weed if you smoke it hard, but you can hit them gently and preserve your green if need be. If you're looking for something that is simple to smoke like a regular pipe, and still hits like a wrecking ball, a bubbler is the way to go.

Now, wherever there is too much weed (such a thing exists?), there is someone suggesting a blunt be smoked. And where there is a blunt going to be smoked, there is going to be someone who thinks they can roll a great blunt, but are absolutely the worst blunt roller in the history of mankind. Never, ever, give those people blunt raps. Let them learn on their own time, and their own weed, as there is little as maddening as having to go back inside to reroll it or unroll it into a bowl. But there is little as satisfying as smoking a perfect blunt. Sitting anywhere puffing on one of these lets you live your gangsta dreams and gets those wins in Madden. A great blunt will transform your worst pot into something worth smoking, but can use it all in one sitting, so roll accordingly.

But let's say you don't have 10 pounds of widow drying in your back room. Instead, let's say you just had to tap into your reserve; you haven't been able to find anything all week. Then that is the perfect time to break out your pipe - that spoon from high school you hid in your sock drawer for 3 years. That little baby will stretch your emergency eighth to last easily twice as long if you used a bong. There are a few different styles of non water cooled pipes including the most popular, the spoon, and more uncommonly the chillum. The chillum may seem like a foolish choice until you've smoked from one (wood ones with a hash cap are delectable, but can be a pain to repack). While both spoons and chillums will probably have you coughing and hacking until you learn to smoke from one, they will be forever your fallback plan. It is so easy to fall in love with one of these. They are almost always small enough to conceal, take to a concert, etc.

The main decision you have to make when getting a pipe is what material. There are glass (most common), metal, wood, ceramic, and even some stone carved ones. The only way to decide what is for you is to smoke from different kinds. Generally, glass is the choice because there is no taste of anything else, they don't get too hot, but they are breakable, so make sure you get one with thick glass. One word of advice – get screens. You don't want a mouth of ash, and at 10 cents for metal ones, they're an inexpensive measure to increase your pleasure (glass ones basically never get ruined, but cost about 2.50 and can be lost fairly easily).

Now if you are looking to have your socks knocked off (or even looking for a way to store excessive amounts of weed before it goes bad), make brownies, toast with pot butter, or any kind of recipe you can find. This high is unlike anything you ever smoked, and can be overwhelming. The important thing to remember is whenever you ingest pot, plan your trip ahead of time and know how much tree you put in, because depending on how much you decide to eat, you can be out of commission for a day or freaking out with no one to talk to.

But now it's late, your buddies went home, and you decide to go have that joint on the back porch. The whole process of breaking up, rolling (the thinnest papers made from hemp will be your favorite), and smoking your finest herb can be the most enjoyable, relaxing experiences. As you wind down, you can reflect on the beauty of nature, your day, anything, and slowly approach that point where you fall perfectly asleep.

by Afrikaaner


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